Dire Wolf Project Quiz Answers

1. In which year was the first Dire Wolf Fossil found?  


2. Where have over 3600 Dire Wolf skeletons been found?  

La Brea Tar Pits

3. What is the name of the new breed of dog resembling the Dire Wolf in bone and body structure?  

The American Alsatian

4. Who is the founder of the Dire Wolf Project?

Lois E Schwarz

5. Which animal below is the largest canid to ever walk the Earth?

The Dire Wolf

6. In which time period did the Dire Wolf live?

Pleistocene Epoch

7. What is most likely the reason for the extinction of the Dire Wolf?

The Dire Wolf only hunted large animals that also began to decrease in population.

8. What are the two most important features of the American Alsatian?

Health and Temperament

9. How tall was the average Dire Wolf at the shoulders?

Slightly more than 2 feet.

10. Did the Dire Wolf have saber teeth?

No, the teeth did not extend below the upper lips.