The Dire Wolf Project Donation Center

Maya, an American Alsatian.

Be a part of our Earth's history.  

Help to create a living Dire Wolf replica that will aid scientific research and build a deeper understanding of prehistoric life.  

100% of your donation goes to fund research toward the Dire Wolf Project.

Help us change the world by domesticating history!


Donation: $5


Donation: $10

Photo Coming Soon 

candle holder

Donation: $15


mouse pad

Donation: $20


coffee mug

Donation: $25


Donation:  $30


baseball cap

Donation: $35

hooded sweater

Donation: $50


Dire Wolf plate

Hand painted and each one is unique.

Donation: $100

Photo Coming Soon

Dire Wolf stuffed animal

Handmade and each one is unique.

Donation: $200


Want to be a part of the Dire Wolf Project but don't see the amount you need?  

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