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160th Dire Wolf Anniversary Celebration and Conference 

In 2014, 160 years will have passed from the time that the first Dire Wolf fossil was found near the banks of the Ohio River in Evansville, Indiana.  The National American Alsatian Club is sponsoring a fun and informative weekend in Evansville, Indiana, summer 2014 to celebrate.  There will be lots of dog events and information regarding the Dire Wolf Project.  Many American Alsatians will be present and all are welcome.  

Preceding the festivities, a Dire Wolf conference is scheduled. The founder of the American Alsatian dog breed will be there to answer questions.  Paleontologists studying the Dire Wolf are also encouraged to participate.  If you are interested in presenting at the Dire Wolf Project Conference or participating in the celebration afterwards please contact the Dire Wolf Project

Conference includes:
1. Elegant Dinner
2. The most current paleontological information on the Dire Wolf.

If you would like to attend the conference we encourage you to preregister.  Only 1450 tickets are available.  A preregistration ticket allows you access to reserved preferred seating and a goodie bag filled with extras including: an official limited edition Dire Wolf Project conference hat, an exclusive conference packet complete with an in depth look at the schedule of events and extra details regarding the speakers, conference pen and pad for note taking, etc. Tickets sales may be subject to increase at any time.  So, get yours today!

Early Bird Preregistration Here:

Welcome to the Preregistration for the Dire Wolf Project Conference!

More specific details will be forthcoming as plans are solidified and the event draws closer.  

The Dire Wolf Project
July 25, 2011


Game of Thrones


In the new series from HBO, Game of Thrones, a tribe of ancient people find a Dire Wolf mother dead near her surviving cubs.  Each boy in the tribe is given a Dire Wolf cub to raise and learn the most important elements of honor and sacrifice needed to claim the king's throne.  It is based on a book series by the same name written by George R.R. Martin in 1997.  The Dire Wolves in the HBO series are not played by American Alsatians, but Northern Inuits and Czechoslovakian wolfdogs.  

The series is a bit misleading in its interpretation of the Dire Wolf.  The wolves portrayed in the Game of Thrones series do not resemble Dire Wolves and should not be confused with Dire Wolf size and build.  Some of the most obvious features lacking in the wolves deemed to be Dire Wolves are that they possess thin muzzles, legs, and bodies.  While this is indicative of the more fleet of foot Gray Wolf, it does not reflect the size and mass of the Dire Wolf build.  The Dire Wolf had shorter, thicker legs as well as a larger head and broader muzzle.

This series has spurred an interest in the Dire Wolf and in turn the American Alsatian.  We applaud viewers who have taken the time to research the Dire Wolf instead of assuming the wolves on the film resemble the Gray Wolf's extinct prehistoric cousin.  It is a fictitious story after all as there is no evidence that prehistoric man lived in tribes that resembled European medieval culture.  

It is understandable that the producers of the Game of Thrones series have used dog breeds that more resemble the Gray Wolf, but viewers should understand that the wolf coat type shown in these dogs may really be the only resemblance to the largest canid to walk the Earth, if indeed the DIre Wolf had a Gray Wolf coat.

The Dire Wolf Project

June 25, 2011